The Enlightened One

The Enlightened One

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hi All,

Welcome to - The Thai Supernatural and Occult Center. This is my first blog thus I do apologize if its not done up professionally. The main aim for the creation of this blog is what I hope to share information on the popular (mainly in South-East Asia) Supernatural and Occult culture of the Khmer origin from Thailand / Cambodia / Laos.

Although, I, myself is no mystical master / shaman or expert in such arts and subject but I have always a strong and keen interest of thirst for that manner in this topic. Since the past, there have always been many misconceptions, misleading information thus resulting in misunderstanding of the mystical aspect of the Khmer culture, mainly the ones originating from the land of smiles - Thailand.

Despite the wide-spread of the sales of amulets, statues from Thailand and information provided from the sellers (even more now thanks to the world wide web). We have to question ourselves, how much do we really understand about the true origins of these amulets, statues that we have rent (in Thai culture, we phrase the purchase of an amulet as a purchase but rather as the " renting " of these amulets, statues..etc. One obstacle, people who like myself who are keen in finding out more about the thai's culture on its occult and supernatural is language barrier, unless we have a thai-speaking support right beside us always it is impossible to extract and retrieve any information which is mainly presented in Thai like in Thai magazine's, shows and books. The real masters or shamans who are well-versed in these mystical arts like wise mostly can only relate in their native language.

Thus I hope to share whatever information that I have come across or will come across in the future so that I hope we can finally shed some light in the mysterious world of the Khmer culture.


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